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Energies ofService

Introducing, Angelic Armour. The power of tensor fields and crystals, chosen for their innate power, intertwine with the pendant, creating a symphony of vibrations that resonate with your very being. The result is a transformative experience, a dance of energies that promotes well-being, balance, and a deep connection to the positive forces of the universe.

Angelic Armour

what makes our pendants so special?

Archangel Chamuel Pendant

Guided by celestial forces, these pendants are more than jewellery, they are energetic tools designed to elevate your spiritual journey.


Angelically Guided


Tensor Technology



Hand Crafted


Unlock the Power of Your Intentions


First-Rate Materials

Each pendant is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a unique masterpiece.

Feel the resonance as the pendant reacts to your every intention, creating a unique and personalized experience.

Our pendants are wearable art imbued with the energy of pure copper and quality crystals.

What sets these tools apart is the Tensor Technology, a revolutionary advancement in energy balancing. They create a harmonious flow of energy around you.

Utilizing Crystals Natural Energy

These pendants utilize the natural energy of crystals to amplify their positive effects. Each crystal is carefully selected for its unique properties, creating a symphony of energies.

Our Products

You Can Feel It!

Energy tools you can feel!

These tools shift your personal energy so powerfully, you will instantly feel the effect in your body. Once you ask them to reset, activate and go to full power, you will experience the full potential of the energetic support.

Your body and mind enter a state of relaxation, allowing you to perceive your own energy more distinctly, and a renewed sense of personal power emerges.

Archangel Michael Pendant

ArchAngel Micheal

Multi- Dimensional Pendant


Multi-Dimensional pillow

ArchAngel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel Pentdant
Archangel Michael



The power of Tensor rings

A Tensor-Ring serves as an endless wellspring of energy, distinct from both electricity and magnetism. The energy emanating from the Tensor ring holds healing properties for all living entities on Earth.


Functioning as a superconductor, it neutralizes magnetic fields, instilling tranquility and order into chaotic environments while effortlessly stabilizing the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body. Notably, the Tensor field generates a measurable earth/gravity effect.

This revolutionary technology is the brainchild of Slim Spurling, an exceptional researcher and inventor who has intricately intertwined the marvels of quantum mechanics with the inception of Tensor technology. Designed to support both humanity and Mother Earth, Tensor technology stands as a bridge between the scientific and spiritual realms.

Utilizing Crystals

The power of crystals

Each natural crystal possesses distinct qualities, offering a spectrum of benefits including clearing, amplifying, relaxation, healing, soothing, and protection. The array of possibilities is limitless.

We expertly blend and harness these inherent properties to craft energy tools tailored to suit your individual needs perfectly.

Wearing Archangel Micheal Pendant

Stories of Inspiration

Arcangel Chamuel Pendant

“My pendant, The ArchAngel Michael is the most gorgeous, vibrant

(i feel it!) and Magical”

— Georgetta

Archangel Chamuel Pendant

“I love it! I was actually just texting my friend telling her how powerful it is!

Holy moley the energy off this pendant is so strong. I wear it daily!”

--- Diane

Multi-Dimensional Pendant


The inter-dimensional pendant you crafted is amazing. Long story short-months ago I picked up several ills from another, daily unpredictable vertigo being one. With hand over pendant, I said, “Balance my equilibrium”. I no longer have vertigo. Less than 2 minutes. DONE! Been fine for weeks. I remain aligned. Subsequently, I did have a woo-woo head until I remembered to request my comfort level. Totally aligned in 2 seconds. Felt FANTASTIC! Better than ever! Thank you.

Archangel Chamuel and Multi-Dimensional Pendant


Peter makes the most amazing Copper tools & Pendants to assist in healing and clearing negativity. I was drawn to one of the pendants on display and as Peter handed it to me, it became very warm on my skin. As I went to place it back, I clearly heard my guides say “You need this”, and indeed I did. The energy and protection I feel when I wear it is amazing. The beautiful crystals work with me daily. I also love how it glows sometimes blue, sometimes green in the dark according to my body energy. Absolutely beautiful work Peter!
Multi-Dimensional Pendant

Dori Gilbert

Peter is a true master jeweler and craftsman of designing copper jewelry that holds powerful energy!  My husband and I wear the necklaces most of the time but especially whenever we are away from home. We feel their energetic frequencies help keep our energy in the highest balance possible. The crystals are gorgeous and the copper crafts- manship of Peter is the bonus! You will feel the positive power.

Archangel Chamuel Pendant

Blythe Abbey

I wanted to write a testimonial to say thank you for the angelic work being done by these two. Peter in particular, upon meeting him, has fundamentally altered my path in life. Through his ability to give freely without expectation of return, my heart is ignited in a spiritual mission to pay the most authentic energy he has imparted to me, forward. Thank you from my deepest heart, not only for healing, but for being this catalyst, Peter!