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While these are the current attributes seen with the Multi-Dimensional pendant, that is not all that it will do. 

This pendant grows with the wearer, so as you progress, it will help you go further.


*Access to Higher Dimensional levels 

*Connection with the Multi Universe. 

*Assist with facilitating communication with Higher Dimensional Beings.  (Only if the person is ready)

*The light frequencies that are being accessed within the pendant are unique to each individual.  

*They have a healing quality to them. Will Activate the individual when needed. So it is very useful for the Ascension Process. 

*Brings the Individual to Stasis.  Brings them to balance.

*Works with eliminating harmful EMF, Geopathic Stress, or any other harmful energy.

*Rejuvenating to its wearer.  Allow protection to the DNA and Telomers. (creates a protective field around them) Prevents Damage. 

*Time Travel

*Allows Access to the Akashic Records and Ancient Knowledge.

*Has a connection to the Earth Nodes. (Activates when coming in contact with these nodes) Once it does it is transformed or upgraded to its purpose.

*Psychic senses will become heightened. (each experience will be different)

*Facilitates its wearer to see what his soul/life mission is and to stay on their path.

*Motivation - feeling energized.

*Access to the higher heart and upper chakras


*Will connect to other pendants and amplify the energy here on Earth.  Facilitating the elevation of the Earth frequencies in order for the Earth to Transcend into the 5D.  It's much like a Generator. 

Multi-Dimensional Pendant

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