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Introducing, Angelic Armour. The power of tensor fields and crystals, chosen for their innate power, intertwine with the pendant, creating a symphony of vibrations that resonate with your very being. The result is a transformative experience, a dance of energies that promotes well-being, balance, and a deep connection to the positive forces of the universe.

Energies ofService

Guided by celestial forces, these pendants are more than jewellery, they are energetic tools designed to elevate your spiritual journey.


Angelically Guided


Tensor Technology



Hand Crafted


Unlock the Power of Your Intentions


First-Rate Materials

Each pendant is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a unique masterpiece.

Feel the resonance as the pendant reacts to your every intention, creating a unique and personalized experience.

Our pendants are wearable art imbued with the energy of pure copper and quality crystals.

What sets these tools apart is the Tensor Technology, a revolutionary advancement in energy balancing. They create a harmonious flow of energy around you.

Utilizing Crystals Natural Energy

These pendants utilize the natural energy of crystals to amplify their positive effects. Each crystal is carefully selected for its unique properties, creating a symphony of energies.

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