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My Mission

I'm dedicated to providing potent handmade, angelically guided ascension copper tools and ancient quantum designs to free yourself from energies not of the highest light, illusions, and other programs. We are returning to the reason we incarnated; why are we here? These tools, which I have been guided to create, help us return to the path we incarnated for, to help others, and raise the vibration of those around us and the planet. 

My Journey

I am the husband to a fantastic woman, Viviane Chauvet, and father of three unique beings whom all impact me in many ways daily. My journey started when I was a Mechanic for over 15 years, reaching the A.S.E. Master Technician certification. It was a fulfilling and rewarding career. I shifted and became an Engineering Technician, an impactful career in which I accomplished many projects in those 20 years.


           Around 2016 I experienced a significant shift in my perspectives. This shift led me to read many books by Michael Newton, Brian Wise, and Delores Cannon. These books opened my eyes and my mind to a higher understanding of what it means to be human and why we are here. The experiences are all part of our higher selves' overall plan to experience and learn. It is a concept that helps me further my understanding that everything I experienced had meaning. Nothing is in vain!


My path to self-discovery has enlightened the ultimate question, “Who am I?” Clearly, I am a different person than I was 20 years ago. What was important then is no longer. Questions were coming to me, and I needed to find answers. I found Slims Spurling's work during this time and found it compelling, utilizing copper wire to create energetic and palpable results for people and their surroundings. It inspired me something to work while I was on my path, using my previous experiences working with metal, welding, and understanding attention to detail.


It took several months to recreate the tools Slim created in energetic form. Once I got working tools, I started experimenting with them and introduced them to people for feedback. I first experienced how my new tools affected the physical world during a sound bath event. I had given the event coordinator four Tensor rings to place underneath her crystal bowls. Two days later, the coordinator requested ten additional Tensor rings. In her experience, she noticed how profoundly the rings amplified the quality of the bowls' sound and vibration. They enhanced the resonance field of sound and waves.


           From that moment on, I continued building Tensor rings based on guided and clear downloads received for bowls, coasters, shower coils, heating coils, intension coils, copper finger rings, etc. I discovered how enjoyable building new copper energy tools truly felt. Most importantly, my joy came from realizing the purpose of those tools and creative designs. They support people's balance, energy management, vitality, mental clarity, awakening, and more!



A few years ago, I received a channeled message from Archangel Metatron. Metatron told me, "You need to make anklets out of a tensor ring; it must have five crystals and a copper mesh to cover the crystals. The anklets will help people keep their vibration intact and clear as we shift through changes." Of course, I had no idea what the archangel's message meant then. It took about a year and a half to create the anklets in a design that would be resilient and work for everyone.


           When I completed the design, I was in the middle of a dramatic life change, and everything was put on hold for a while. My life was in structured chaos until I met Viviane. After this powerful reset, my life has shifted in ways that defy the imagination. In our hearts, Viviane and I knew we were meant to be together; I'm her love, partner, and protector as much as she is mine. I feel that my life has truly begun once we got together. All the events and lessons of my life prepared me for the work that we are doing together now.


           Once things settled down, Viviane had a vision of three women standing next to three 9th-dimensional beings coming through inter-dimensional portals. These 100 feet tall beings communicated through these women who served as emissaries. They transmitted a critical message telepathically to Viviane. As one mind, the emissaries said: "Tell Peter that he needs to start making the anklets now." This message was a higher dimensional kick in the shorts for me to build the tool that Metatron had transmitted.


           The anklets have been working amazingly for everyone wearing them; feedback keeps coming in even today. Since everything evolves and shifts constantly, I always consider people's ideas and experiences. A friend, who enjoyed wearing my Archangel Metatron anklets, had to return her tools due to her husband's criticism and lack of consciousness. Even though her experience reminded me that everyone has their own filters and old patterns, I was determined to find an alternative.


           Then I asked Archangel Metatron for guidance to circumvent this 3D perception and make the tools ambiguous. The response I received was to create a pendant version of the anklets with the same crystals and energy properties. At this point, the Metatron shielding pendant was born! It was the perfect solution for people who wish to wear their Metatron pendant over or under clothes without any negative criticisms or fear of being judged.


As a conduit and creator of those unique tools, I have created other designs based on the angelic guidance and downloads from Ascended Masters. I aim to assist people in ascending to their next level of conscious awakening. My charter in this life is to create unique energy tools and educate people about their virtues and benefits.

Stories of Inspiration


Florida, USA

Peter makes the most amazing Copper tools & Pendants to assist in healing and clearing negativity. I was drawn to one of the pendants on display and as Peter handed it to me, it became very warm on my skin. As I went to place it back, I clearly heard my guides say “You need this”, and indeed I did. The energy and protection I feel when I wear it is amazing. The beautiful crystals work with me daily. I also love how it glows sometimes blue, sometimes green in the dark according to my body energy. Absolutely beautiful work Peter!

My meeting with Viviane was without a doubt planned in my destiny. Not only have I physically healed from the pain my dual scoliosis brings me, but I have grown spiritually and have expanded my consciousness. I met Viviane at a conference Sept 2019 and have continued monthly sessions with her since then. Viviane and her Team have helped me with damaged chakras, cleared me from negative energies, opened me up for downloads, took me remote viewing, and explored options for my future and enlightened me of my past lives. I look forward to each session and new growth in myself that develops from them.

Energy Tools you can feel.

  • Hand Crafted

  • Angelically Guided

  • Tensor Technology

  • Utilizing Crystals' Natural Energy.